Friday, October 18, 2019

October letter E 2019

Elijah & Elisha and the Chariot of Fire
Nursery,Toddler's,Two's,Three's & Four's 
 October 15-18, 2019




Story & Piper are ready to pray           Jacob is helping tell the

    All these friends help tell the story of the chariot of fire by painting on our picture board 

 The Three's class getting ready for the story.

              Lucy is not so sure if  she likes        Ari takes a turn painting  
                   this painting idea 
                        Zander & Graham are  getting ready to paint just 
need two fingers ✌

Drew and Issac add fire to our chariot carrying Elijah.

Just a little more over here in this spot!

The Finished Product  
Great work Everyone!

The Nursery children had Growing in Grace 
on Thursday this week
Leah & Caroline checking out Elijah and Elisha                                   Anna likes the music                         
                                                                                            Leah especially liked to hold Leo 
                                                                                           our Growing in Grace puppet.

Anna and Ms .Asia listen well to the Bible Story

The Four's class came on Friday this week
take a look at their time in Growing in Grace.

        Sadie is ready to paint with two finger                         Sawyer  is using two fingers on each hand                               

Lucy, Sophia, and Blue, take their turn to add
flames to the chariot.

                           Charlie, Chloe, Campbell, Margaret & Harper                
enjoyed their chance at painting too.

Thank you everyone for dropping by and 
Growing in Grace with us.😇
Have a wonderful weekend,
Ms. Bev